Friday, February 19, 2016

Product Review: Marimo Balls

3 Giant Marimo Balls + 1 Small FREE

I've been seeing Marimo Balls a lot online lately and I've been wanting some for myself for decorative purposes. They are round moss balls that you keep in water. The upkeep is minimal. All you have to do is change the water about once a week. That's it! I think they are really cute. You can buy them in different sizes, but the ones I received are "giant". I also received one tiny one as well (adorable!). As you can see in the picture I have the 3 giant and 1 small marimo balls in a cleaned Starbucks frappucino bottle.  I plan on getting a larger, and nicer container for them so they display better, but I thought this would give an idea of the sizes of the balls. 
When I was reading up on Marimo Balls I found that other than decoration, many people put these in their fish tanks and their fish actually like to play with them. The fish will move the balls around the tank! I think that is pretty neat. 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Highly Effective Cockroach Killing Bait Powder

Highly Effective Cockroach Killing Bait Powder 

I live in an historic neighborhood downtown in my city. I absolutely love it, but when you live in a very old building surrounded by other old buildings, churches, restaurants, etc. there are certain drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is pests...specifically cockroaches. We do what we can to keep them away. We keep our home clean, food stored properly, and our landlords even have tablets control technician visit all their properties once a month. Unfortunately there are just so many ways for roaches (and spiders!) to find their way in to this place and the occasional roach still finds their way in. We have used other products with moderate success but we thought we would try something new. This product consists of small pouches of powder that you pour into piles in a few spots. Supposedly it is safe for humans if you somehow manage to consume it. I'll just have to take their word for that since I didn't want to test it out. From what I can tell the product seems to work. I haven't seen any roaches since using it so I take that as a good sign. When I first signed up to review this product the price was outrageous, however, I have since noted the price has come down to a much more reasonable price. With this new pricing I would definitely recommend this product.

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*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.