Friday, April 2, 2010

Attention: Coming on April 30th


WOW! Aren’t you the lucky one! You’ve arrived at exactly the right time to explore lots of new blogs, all of which, (For One Day Only) ARE GIVING AWAY LOADS OF FREE BOOKS AND OTHER PRIZES. You literally will have the chance to win hundreds of prizes. We’ve done all the work for you. No hunting or surfing for just the right blogs. All the blog links you’ll find on our participating blogs are loaded with giveaways and just waiting for you to drop by.
Be sure to look over anything that interest you here on my blog and then click the links provided below to take you to more participating blogs. Check out the free books and prizes and then follow the links posted on those blogs. The number of prizes you can win is only limited by the NUMBER of blogs you visit.

Remember! The special Blogmania prizes are only available for one day, April 30th.

Now, how do you participate and reap the benefit of BLOGMANIA?
1. Register to participate in the BLOGMANIA by sending an email to
(Give name of your blog, its URL address, your full name, and email address.)

2. Post the BLOGMANIA post on April 30th. (You may use the one Provided or design one of your own. )
Include the blog links provided to you at the end of your BLOGMANIA POST. (These will be links to blogs that have registered to take part in this blog extravaganza. The number of links to be posted will depend on the number of registered blogs. ) You will be sent the blog links to be included in your post at least 3-7 days in advance.

3. Prepare a really special BLOGMANIA Giveaway that will be valid for one day only, April 30th and be sure to post it early on that day for best results. State your giveaway requirements clearly and BE SURE TO FOLLOW THROUGH)' Please put some thought into your giveaway, make it something really special. Give your visitors a reason to remember your blog.

4. Promote the event on your blog, social sites, groups, etc. The more we get the word out, the larger our audience will be. Be sure to make it clear that they must visit on April 30th to qualify for the BLOGMANIA Giveaway.

5. Try to make the qualifications for your BLOGMANIA GIVEAWAY as simple as possible. If visitors don’t have to do a zillion things to qualify, this will encourage them to keep progressing through to other blogs. Perhaps becoming a blog follower and leaving a comment is sufficient. You decide, but please keep it simple.

6. Blog registration deadline is April 25th.

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