Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Halfway Hexed by Kimberly Frost

Halfway Hexed (Southern Witch, Book 3) by Kimberly Frost
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley Trade (February 1, 2011)
Goodreads Description:

New witch Tammy Jo Trask has a whole town full of trouble, in the latest from the national bestselling author of Barely Bewitched.

First, there are the local residents who form a scripture-spouting posse and kidnap Tammy to "defend" Duvall, Texas, against witchcraft. Next, someone saddles her with a secret package chock full of dangerous visions, just as the president of WAM-the World Association of Magic- arrives with his entourage to investigate her. And who worse to examine Tammy's entanglement with off-limits and drop-dead gorgeous wizard Bryn Lyons than his ex-girlfriend? Not to mention that the clash between the locals and the magical visitors leads to a series of unnatural disasters that may doom them all.

While the fate of the town hangs in the balance, one thing's certain: this would-be witch is ready to rumble, Texas style.


I love this series! If you haven't read the previous books then you should hold off on reading this one until you do. If read out of order you probably would have no idea what is going on or why. The first two books were excellent and this one is as well. Tammy Jo Trask and one of her love interests, Bryn Lyons are being investigated by the World Association of Magic due to events that occurred in previous books. This is not good at all. All while this is going on Tammy is being kidnapped, threatened, and harassed by some holier than thou residents in her town. These people are serious nutcases but through it all Tammy carries on...often times like nothing happened. She gets shot and calls it a scratch, she gets kidnapped then escapes and she goes on with her day like normal. She is brave (sometimes foolishly so) and resilient which I can admire in her character. One of the few things that DOES seem to manage to get under her skin is her complicated relationship with Bryn. She is torn between him and her ex-husband whom she promised to wait for to come back before she makes a decision between the two. Bryn doesn't make the waiting part easy for her though. They share a special magical synergy with each other that is rare. I find myself torn at times about who I want her to end up with. I mostly am leaning towards Bryn but sometimes he just seems a little to slick and sure of himself for my tastes. Also I occasionally wonder if his motive for wanting to be with her isn't just because he loves her but because of the incredible power he would gain by being with her. Very complicated. There are some action moments (fights, escapes, etc.) and some romance that all equal out to a great story. I don't really think it is quite as action packed as the previous books but it is still exciting to read. Duvall is kind of a wacky place if you ask me but it is so interesting. It is a small town where everyone seems to know everyone's business. The people that live there are definitely unique and really round out the story. I would love to read more about them in the future. I would also like to learn more about Tammy's family. If you enjoyed the previous books in the series you won't be let down with this one!


I received an uncorrected proof of this book for review from the publisher. Any opinions expressed are my own.




Ellz said...

OMG how did you get a copy of this. I freakin' love this series and feel like it has been years since the last book. Great review, sounds like it is worth the wait!!

Unknown said...

Hello Chica!
Glad to have you linked this week. It sounds like you got ahold of a coveted book :)

Have a great week. I am always thrilled to see your reviews at the party.