Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Contest Craze Mini-Challenge #3

One True Pairing

This challenge is being hosted at My Cute Bookshelf

The objective of this challenge is to create a blog post with your One True Pairing (your favorite couple from young adult books) and explain why they’re your favorite YA couple.

My pick:

I picked this couple because their relationship grew out of respect and not instant attraction based on looks. There was a realness to it. They are smart, strong, and brave as individuals and even more so together. This couple is absolutely one of my favorites.

As for my "casting" choices I think that Saoirse Ronan is almost exactly how I pictured Tris in my mind. Logan Lerman doesn't have quite enough of a tough edge but I think that could be taken care of with hitting the gym to muscle up a little. Other than that I think he would be great.

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mamabunny13 said...

I like that couple too! As far as casting choice I would have to think about it more.