Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot

Size 12 and Ready to Rock (Heather Wells #4) by Meg Cabot

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Original edition (July 10, 2012)
Goodreads Description:

 Summer break . . . and the livin' ain't easy

Just because the students at New York College have flown the coop doesn't mean assistant residence hall director Heather Wells can relax. Fischer Hall is busier than ever, filled with squealing thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls attending the first ever Tania Trace Teen Rock Camp, hosted by pop sensation Tania Trace herself--who just happens to be newly married to Heather's ex-boyfriend, heartthrob Jordan Cartwright. But the real headache begins when the producer of a reality TV show starring Tania winds up dead . . . and it's clear that the star was the intended victim.

Grant Cartwright, head of Cartwright Records, wants to keep his daughter-in-law (and his highest-earning performer) alive. So he hires his oldest son, black sheep of the family and private investigator Cooper Cartwright--who just happens to be Heather's "new" fiancE. Heather should leave the detecting to Cooper. But with a dorm full of hysterical mini-divas-in-training, she can't help but get involved. And after Tania shares a really shocking secret with her, "this" reality suddenly becomes more dangerously real than anyone ever anticipated.



I have not read any of the previous books in the series so I was a little worried I would get feel like I was missing a lot of info. There were mentions of incidents from previous books and obviously my enjoyment of the story would have been enhanced had I read the other books, but ultimately I don't think it made a big difference. 

What I enjoyed most about this book is the main character Heather Wells' personality. She is warm, quick of wit, and comes across as approachable. She is also mind boggling forgiving to people  who have screwed her over. I think she and her fiance Cooper make a great couple. I got the feeling that the romance between them was a big part of at least one of the other books and I now I plan to read them because I would love to know how feelings developed between them. 

I had some issues with Tania Trace. I thought she was selfish and irresponsible. At times I did feel sorry for her but then I would go back to feeling kind of disgusted with her. I'm sure the author means for the readers to feel these things about her though. 

Overall, the story was just okay.  It almost come off a bit like a cozy mystery but toned down. Had there been more false leads, incidents, drama, etc. I think I would have enjoyed it a little more. The book wasn't bad but it wasn't incredible either, however, I was engrossed in it enough to finish it in one day and it was a fairly fun, light read.


*I received this book for review from the publisher. Any opinions expressed are my own.*




Alison Miller said...

I've only read a few Meg Cabots, but I've always enjoyed them - particularly for the voice. I'll have to check out this series!

Unknown said...

Love how honest you are with your review - I really trust you to tell it like it is.

Meg Cabot was a fun read when I was younger, but I can see it being a bit duller now. I do remember, as you mentioned, her characters having really endearing personalities. I remember chuckling aloud at some of their little quips and self-deprecating insults.

It's interesting that you say you think the author wants us to have conflicting feelings about the character Tania. I always think that's the sign of a really well-written/established character - one that's not fully good or evil. Really makes us think.

Great review.


DMS said...

I haven't read anything by this author- but this sounds like a good read. I like that you were able to follow along even though you hadn't read the rest of the series. I may start with the first one. :) Thanks for sharing.