Monday, November 8, 2010

Nimble Zombies??

Did anyone watch last night's episode of The Walking Dead on AMC? I am really loving this show, but what is up with a zombie deftly climbing a fence? I guess I am a bit old school about zombies and think they should only shamble...maybe even shamble quickly (but not run). In this show apparently they can think enough to pick up heavy rocks to pound on glass and even climb some. I asked my friend if the zombies are like that in the graphic novels and he said they aren't. He doesn't mind their new found abilities too much though...he says it amps thing up a bit. I guess I can agree on that some. I just hope they don't take it too far though because zombies should be, ya know, zombie-like.

What are your thoughts on smart zombies? Are you liking the show?


Michelle Greathouse said...

I am loving this show. :)

I thought the same thing when I saw the zombie with the rock banging on the glass door - what zombie has enough sense to do that?

And yeah, that one zombie went over that fence easily - when other zombies were stopped by the fences - maybe that zombie had fence climbing experience in his 'prior life'. :)

I have not read the graphic novel - so all if this is new to me - and I admit, I'm hooked.


throuthehaze said...

Michelle, 'prior life' skills could be a valid point....I'm going to start practicing climbing things now then so that when the zombie apocalypse hits I will be one of those cool climbing zombies and get all that good 'food' :)Who's with me?!?

I actually haven't read the graphic novels either and I am kind of glad I haven't because I think it would affect my thoughts about the show. I'm hooked too :)

debbie said...

I think it will show in the future that point. Last week one of the character's wives actually turned the doorknob of the house they were staying at. It must be things they used to do. I just saw that they picked up the show for next year.

throuthehaze said...

That's great news! I hate when they cancel great shows after just one season

Sheila Deeth said...

The DVR is filling up fast. The son's still too busy to watch and we're not allowed to watch without him.

vvb32 reads said...

after watching the finale, i wanted to say that i loved it. it has the LOST feel to it with the ensemble cast. as for smart zombies, i prefer the shambling kind too in a show like this. i found it weird that in the scene you mentioned only one guy out of all was able to climb the fence. was it because he was newbie and still had brain matter sparks.

throuthehaze said...

I loved it too! I can't wait for the next season :)