Sunday, December 19, 2010

Product Review: Warmly Yours Under Desk Heater

The Under Desk Heater from Warmly Yours is the perfect product for anyone looking for a way to keep warm during the cold months. This product would also be great for someone who has poor circulation in their feet since that usually results in really chilly feet. I spend probably 90% of the time I am home at my computer desk. Not only do I sit there to use the computer but I read books and watch t.v. there as well. It's the most comfortable place for me to sit, but it is right next to my window and gets kind of chilly. I can't stand to have cold feet so I was very excited to try the Under Desk Heater.

It is very easy to use. You just have to make sure that the area you are laying the rug on is clear of debris and there needs to be a place to plug it in nearby. Almost immediately after turning it on you can feel it start to heat up. The manual the product comes with says it will reach the perfect temperature after about 30 minutes but it really doesn't take that long. I would say that by 10 minutes it is fully heated, which I think is pretty quick.

The cord for the rug turned out to be the perfect length to reach the plug but not too long that there is a bunch of excess cord laying around. The Under Desk Heater comes in two sizes, small and large. I received the small and it was plenty big enough for me. The Under Desk Heater is a burgundy color that I think actually looks pretty nice but it would be really cool if it was offered in some other colors like black or brown.

This product uses just 120 watts per hours whereas a space heater typically uses up to 1500 watts per hour, so you could potentially save money by using the Under Desk Heater instead. Not only is this for home use, it would be great for if you work in an office too!

Warmly Yours also has area rug warmers and towel warmers among other things. Overall this product is wonderful and at $89 for the 18"x24" for the small Under Desk Heater, it is well worth the money to keep warm and comfy this winter.

I received this product to review from the company. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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