Monday, December 13, 2010


The winner of the Prescription Glasses is...

Norberto and Julie

and the winner of the Electric Scalp Massager is...

Tina Reynolds

all winners have been contacted and responded already. Thank you!

I did have some issues with the glasses giveaway. A lot of people did not follow instructions whether it was following publicly (I will be making a post soon with details on how to make sure you ARE publicly following), leaving links/appropriate usernames, not leaving separate entries, entering the contest more than once, and someone even tried to get extra entries for something that was not even an option. I understand that some of these could just be mistakes but I do know a lot can be contributed to people just not reading the instructions.

I'm sorry but if you left no way at all for me to verify your entry I had to disqualify that entry as well as the second set of entries from anyone who entered more than once.

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