Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Spells (Wings, book 2) by Aprilynne Pike
  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen; 1 edition (May 4, 2010)
Goodreads Description:

Six months have passed since Laurel saved the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Now she must spend her summer there, honing her skills as a Fall faerie. But her human family and friends are still in mortal danger--and the gateway to Avalon is more compromised than ever.

When it comes time to protect those she loves, will she depend on David, her human boyfriend, for help? Or will she turn to Tamani, the electrifying faerie with whom her connection is undeniable?

The story starts off with Laurel going to Avalon to attend the school there to catch up on her learning. It is one of my favorite parts of the book because the descriptions of Avalon and life there is fascinating. I would love to just read an entire book about Avalon and the fairies living there, but this is Laurel's story and she lives most of her life in the human realm.

As for the action in Spells I would say that there is more action than in Wings, but not by much. It seems like just when things are getting started they end almost abruptly. If it was drawn out a little more I think it would be a tad more interesting and would build up suspense. Really, most of the suspense that is created is from who Laurel will end up with, David or Tamani. The ending of the book was awesome and has made me eager to find out what is going to happen in the next book.

Although I do feel that the story could be rounded out with more detail and explanations I still enjoyed it very much and I feel that it is a great follow up to the first book in the series. This series is prefect for teens and adults who like fantasy. This was a pretty quick read once I really got into it.




Book Lover said...

Oh I didn't know this was even out. I thought Wings was good, not great but good. I'll have to check this one out, maybe wait until the library gets it.


vvb32 reads said...

glad to hear it is a good one as i did enjoy book 1.